Red Deer Families

The Austin Family

In 2004, Patty applied to become a Habitat homeowner as she faced an ongoing struggle to keep up with the high rent costs in Red Deer, especially as a single mom. Most of her income from her multiple jobs were going towards paying rent and utilities, and it was difficult to find a suitable home to rent within their budget. She heard about Habitat for Humanity and decided to apply. Their application was subsequently approved and the family moved into their home in 2007.

Patty recalls the excitement of working alongside community volunteers while completing their volunteer hours and seeing their home being built from the ground up. This wasn’t just about building a house; but creating a sense of belonging for her and her family.

The financial security that came with affordable homeownership allowed the Austin family to be able to afford a new car, enroll the kids in activities, and complete home and yard improvements while continuing to pay off their mortgage. Their joys and accomplishments have continued over the years in many ways: Patty married shortly after becoming a homeowner, her daughter was able to stay living at home while completing college, and they were proud to see her graduate this year from the Bachelor of Science program at RDC!

Patty fondly recalls the many volunteers with Habitat who helped her build the house from the ground up, and the Austin family is continuing to build many more happy memories in their much-loved home.