The Hawthorne Family

"What does this incredible opportunity to partner with Habitat for Humanity mean to me?"

Well, it means that I can breathe again. It means a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It means courage, independence and confidence. It means silver linings and that I can do hard things. I have a home, a place for my children to gather and share memories and traditions and life milestones.

It means that I have a safe, affordable, beautiful new home for me and my daughter to live now... and a place for my three sons to come home to visit. I am blessed beyond measure with love and kindness and generosity and service from so many friends and family, the ones I knew before Habitat and the ones it has been my privilege to meet and make new friendships. This is only the beginning of so many more hopes and dreams, joy and happiness, love and laughter to be had within these walls...built from the inside out with love!

Thank you, Habitat for Humanity. Thank you for believing in me.

by the Hawthorne family, Habitat homeowners