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Who Qualifies?
Who Qualifies?

Contrary to the myth, Habitat for Humanity does not give away free homes, but instead promotes and encourages homeownership at a more affordable rate through partnering with families in need. We work with low-income, working families who seek to help themselves. Habitat for Humanity provides a hand-up, not a hand-out.

Families chosen to move into Habitat homes become homeowners, and enter into a no interest, no down payment mortgage agreement with HFHRD. Families gradually repay the mortgage that is carried by the organization.

Habitat for Humanity is open to all Canadians and landed immigrants. Eligible families must have at least 3 years permanent residency in Canada to be considered for the program.

Homeowners are chosen based on three main criteria:

Need: The existing living conditions, such as; structural conditions, cost, safety and over crowding are considered; existing accommodation is considered to be below acceptable standards.

Willingness to Partner: Each selected family must be willing to contribute 500 hours of “sweat equity” towards building their own home or other Habitat activities. These volunteer hours must be completed prior to moving into a Habitat home.

Ability to Pay: Families must be employed and have the ability to pay a mortgage and maintain a home; the entire family income before deductions must be between $37,000 and $58,000 per year.
I would not have had the opportunity to have a home for my daughter without the Habitat program as being a single parent is a struggle. A home that is built by volunteers, family and friends makes it a special place. It is a security for my family that will last a lifetime!
About the Homes
About the Homes

Habitat for Humanity Red Deer Region builds simple, decent homes primarily with volunteer labour and material donations in order to help reduce construction costs.

The final selling price is determined by two main factors, the construction costs and the land and development costs.

Typical home sizes are as follows:
  • 900 square feet for a 2-bedroom house
  • 1050 square feet for a 3-bedroom house
  • 1150 square feet for a 4-bedroom house
The Partner Family is also responsible for the payment of property taxes, insurance, maintenance and all costs associated with owning and operating a home.

Habitat homeowners purchase their new home from Habitat for Humanity Red Deer Region through our no-down payment, interest free mortgage program.

The mortgage terms are typically 25 years. The mortgages have a number of special terms, such as requiring that the homeowners remain the principal occupants of the home and keep it in proper repair.
When we found out we were chosen to move into a Habitat home, our family was over joyed with tears, and the feeling of the stress was uplifted off of us. I can’t say enough about how grateful we were to be given the opportunity to be homeowners that we NEVER thought would ever happen to our family. We thanked all the people who come out to help volunteer and make this all possible. Lots of happy tears.
How Can I Apply?
How Can I Apply?

All interested families are required to attend an information session to learn about Habitat for Humanity, the selection process and applying for a Habitat home. At these sessions all families are given an opportunity to apply for a Habitat home.

Interested in signing up for the next Information Session?

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A Family Selection Information Session is the first step in allocating newly built Habitat Homes to deserving families. The sessions are used as an opportunity for families interested in becoming Habitat Homeowners to meet the Habitat team and learn more about Habitat for Humanity Red Deer Region and the selection process. This session also allows families to learn more about what projects are on the go at HFHRD and how to apply for a home. HFHRD holds multiple Family Selection Information Sessions throughout the year and are meant to educate and inform the community. It is mandatory for all interested families to attend an information session before being considered for a Habitat Home.

For further information or to sign up for the next information session, please contact 403-309-6080 ext. 2 or email:
Our advice to families, like ours, interested in the Habitat program is don’t give up, or get discouraged there is hope and dreams do come true. It is the best thing that has ever happened to our family and the volunteers and community that came together to help are like family now.
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